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Join The Fun To Run Racing Club, with no hidden payments, no expensive syndications, just an annual membership fee for less than 50p a day. In other words, less than a pint of lager a week. A working man’s club with affordable outgoings, free sporting competitions for cash, every day of every week, test your skill at horse racing, football, greyhounds, etc, every big sporting event will have a cash prize for the winner. Even with all this going on, the daily Pick A Horse Competition will churn out money to three lucky winners every Sunday, simply find a few winners, no stake needed to fill your bank account. Take an interest in the club’s horses and greyhounds, again all for free, join us for free tickets or reduced rates at the racetrack, when we have runners.

Every week we will have new narrative from our legendary betting experts, there will be anecdotes, stories and information, make your racing pay, join the professionals for very little money. We are called Fun To Run because we give back, life is hard sometimes, so join like minded people, even if you don’t gamble, this is a social outfit as well, life is about laughing and great memories and if you can win a few bob as well what’s not to like, live long and prosper.

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