Here we promote some of our favourite reads by our honorary members. 

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Michael O’Rourke was born in Staffordshire. He has many eclectic hobbies and interests. His  writing style is unusual as he takes serious subjects and gives them a lighter, more comedic touch without losing the underlying serious essence of the story.

Chef On The Run

The amazing true story of celebrity chef Sidney Sharratt. Wars, coups, uprisings and revolutions, it mattered not; Sid Sharratt, saucepan in hand was always in amongst them!The legend that is Sidney Sharrat is forever enshrined in this remarkable life story. A world class, highly regarded master chef whose exploits around the world are now part of culinary folk lore. 

Life In The Faz Lane

The legend that is Faisal ‘Faz’ Madani has undeniably gone down in the annals of infamy as one of Britain’s greatest ever fraudsters. From a young age right up to the present day he has been a constant thorn in the side of both the police and the establishment. Headhunted at the tender age of fourteen by MI6, he has played the authorities at their own game.

Black Eyes And Blue Blood

The names of infamous crooks such as the Richardsons, Frankie Fraser and the Krays are all indelibly linked with the London gangland scene of the 1950s and ’60s. One man who stayed under the radar, however, was ‘Scouse’ Norman Johnson, whose fearless approach to any problem that came his way quickly earned him the respect of his criminal contemporaries.

Angels Tears & Sinners

The follow up autobiography to Winning it Back, co-written by Britains biggest gambler Gary Wiltshire known to many as ‘The Belly from the Telly’ and Michael O’Rourke. This sequel is a continutation of Gary’s life after the losses made on that famous day at ascot and how he has battled against those who betrayed him to continue his life as a bookmaker.


Perhaps best known for penning the multi-award winning feature Green Street, former serviceman Dougie Brimson has forged a reputation as one of the UK’s most diverse writers.


Hard-hitting football hooligan drama. Matt Buckner is a Harvard journalism student who has just been expelled from college. Drifting across the Atlantic to London to stay with relatives, Matt meets Pete, the leader of a local West Ham ‘firm’, and finds himself gradually drawn into the violent underworld of football hooliganism.


Everywhere We Go gives the most remarkable and frightening insight into the behaviour of the football thug. Written by two people who know the world of the hooligan from the inside, this book features many first-hand accounts of incidents, from both perpetrators and victims, that make chilling reading. 


APPEARANCES CAN BE DECEPTIVE – as Paul Jarvis of the National Football Intelligence Unit is only too well aware. He knows that Billy Evans is no ordinary East End lad made good. He’s also a thug, a villain and a cop killer. Jarvis just hasn’t been able to prove it… Yet.


Rob Cooper, self-confessed football fanatic and editor of the United FC fanzine, Wings Of A Sparrow, returns from watching his team succumb to yet another defeat to discover that not only has he inherited an estate worth in excess of six million pounds, but that it has been left to him by an uncle he never knew he had.